Let’s Stick to the Cordless Drills, Shall We?  Preventative Medicine Helps Avoid Litigation

[if gte IE 8][endif] Most of us over the age of 18 have heard it at some point – VZZZZZZZZZ! The whine of the dental drill revving up just before going to work on our favourite molar. It’s at that moment when we inevitably think “why didn’t I just brush for a full 2 minutes twice a day like I was told to when I was here last year?” Of course we know the reasons why. We had other priorities. We thought we could make up for it by doing a really good job brushing the next day. Maybe we thought ‘it’s not really necessary – those dentists are just in cahoots with the toothbrush manufacturers.’ And besides, we’ve been brushing for 30 seconds each time for the last 20 years and nothing bad h

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